PECAA Member Portal
PECAA Member Portal

More Choice, More Purchasing Power

PECAA joined forces with HEA to provide its members with unmatched access to more than 250 vendor partners across contact lenses, frames, laboratory services, equipment, business and technology services and other ophthalmic products, with the time-saving convenience and efficiency of consolidated billing. This access, along with a broad array of solutions and support, is only available through an organization with the size and scale of HEA.

New benefits for PECAA members through PECAA Max

  • Immediate access to the industry’s largest and best selection of vendors and purchasing programs
  • Consolidated billing — a single statement that combines your purchases in one place and simplifies the payment process
  • A complete suite of resources ranging from patient engagement tools and payment solutions to real-time data and software which allows you to make informed decisions and maximize efficiencies
  • 12,000 members strong, providing unmatched industry leverage and influence
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Current PECAA Member FAQs

PECAA joined forces with HEA in July 2021 to broaden our ability to serve the independent eye care community. HEA is recognized as a leader in the eye care space through its industry-leading vendor partner programs.

The HEA + PECAA combination provides PECAA members with an even larger peer network and advanced practice management services and solutions. It also offers the option to take advantage of consolidated billing in which ophthalmic purchases from many vendors are combined into a single statement, greatly simplifying the reconciliation and payment processes.

The combination of buying group and alliance benefits into one simple membership experience is a game-changer for independents and is unlike anything offered by other membership groups.

After coming together with HEA, we conducted a thorough strategic analysis to determine our long-term branding strategy. The analysis revealed that PECAA — Professional Eye Care Associates of America — is the best name to represent how we comprehensively serve independent eye care professionals. The PECAA name is steeped in tradition and well respected in vision care.

To reinforce the additional benefits that HEA brings to the table, we added the endorsement line, ‘Delivering more with HEA.’ The combination of the PECAA brand and the HEA endorsement speaks to the unmatched new suite of services and benefits now available to all HEA and PECAA members.

Your current PECAA membership is still active, and there is no change in the benefits you receive now. We encourage you to take advantage of the many additional vendor programs and resources now available to you through our exciting new PECAA Max program. To learn more, please call 503.670.9200

PECAA members asked for more purchasing power with a wider array of vendors. By joining forces with HEA, the new PECAA now offers:

  • Access to more than 250 vendor partners for maximum purchasing power with the largest selection of vendors and programs
  • Consolidated billing that combines your ophthalmic purchases on one, easy to understand statement
  • Business and technology services that help you make informed decisions and maximize efficiencies

The best way to learn more about our new, next-level membership offering — PECAA Max — is to call 503.670.9200.

Please be assured that there is no need to change the way in which you purchase or are billed for vendor programs aligned through PECAA. They will continue to be billed directly from the vendors.

We encourage you to consider the benefits of consolidated billing for some of your purchases. Many members find that they like direct billing for their lab and contact lenses, with consolidated billing serving as a convenient way to streamline their frame billing and payment. One of the biggest advantages of the new PECAA Max program is your ability to take advantage of a wider array of vendor programs and to choose how you would like your purchases from each vendor to be billed — vendor direct or consolidated.

At this time, there is no impact to your membership fees or payments. We regularly review our fees to make sure that we are providing value to your business. If changes occur, we will communicate them to you immediately. For specific questions, please call 503.670.9200.

The entire PECAA team is part of our new organization. As always, you may contact the team at 503.670.9200. We will be happy to answer your questions and assist you in any way possible.

Access to your membership information remains the same at this time. Click here to access and log into your PECAA member portal.

Yes! We encourage you to schedule a Refresher Overview call to ensure you are taking advantage of all PECAA benefits and to learn how our new PECAA Max program can deliver even greater value to you. Just click here to schedule a Benefits Refresher or call us at 503.670.9200.