HEA Member Portal
HEA Member Portal

Now All In One Simple Membership

HEA’s union with PECAA gives HEA members access to PECAA’s renowned collaborative community, peer-to-peer connectivity and industry-leading member events. Members now also have the opportunity to take advantage of a comprehensive suite of results-driven advisory resources and business building programs that are at the forefront of the industry.

New benefits for HEA members through PECAA Max

  • Access to hundreds of opportunities nationwide to connect with a local/regional group of like-minded peers and the PECAA Annual Meeting
  • Staff training for your entire team
  • One-on-one consultation around your practice finances and operations
  • Resources and culture building best practices to take your team to the next level
  • Human resources support that provides handbooks, templates, forms, assessments and salary data
  • Marketing expertise and support for your practice
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Current HEA Member FAQs

HEA joined forces with PECAA in July 2021 to broaden its already vast array of services that support the independent eye care community. PECAA is well known for its networking, peer-to-peer events, staff training and educational offerings, as well as a suite of financial and practice operations advisory services.

These benefits are a valuable complement to HEA's industry-leading purchasing programs and time-saving consolidated billing feature. The combination of buying group and alliance resources into one simple membership experience is a game-changer for independents and is unlike anything offered by other groups.

After coming together with PECAA, we conducted a thorough strategic analysis to determine our long-term branding strategy. The analysis revealed that PECAA — Professional Eye Care Associates of America — is the best name to represent how we comprehensively serve independent eye care professionals. The PECAA name is also steeped in tradition and well respected in vision care.

To reinforce the additional benefits that HEA brings to the table, we added the endorsement line, ‘Delivering more with HEA.’ The combination of the PECAA brand and the HEA endorsement speaks to the unmatched new suite of services and benefits now available to all HEA and PECAA members.

Your HEA membership is still active and there is no change to the discounts and rebates you currently receive. We encourage you to take advantage of the many new benefits now available to you through our exciting new PECAA Max program. To learn more, please contact your HEA Solutions Specialist or call 800.959.2020 and press Option 3.

Our consolidated billing service is a hallmark of our program that is highly valued by our members so please be assured that it remains in place. All vendor programs that you currently bill through your HEA account will remain on consolidated billing.

We encourage you to also consider the benefits of our many alliance-type vendor programs, with purchases that are billed directly by the vendors. Many members find that they like direct billing for their lab and contact lens purchases, with consolidated billing serving as a convenient way to streamline their frame billing and payment. One of the biggest advantages of the new PECAA Max program is your ability to take advantage of a wider array of vendor programs and choose how you would like your purchases from each vendor to be billed — consolidated or vendor direct.

HEA members have asked for more practice-building and networking support. By joining forces with PECAA, we now offer the strength of a connected community and alliance resources, including:

  • Industry-leading events and programs that promote peer networking, idea exchange and camaraderie
  • Results-driven advisory services to assist with practice operations and financial strategies, including assistance with billing and coding, practice marketing and more
  • Staff training for your entire team to keep them growing and focused
  • Continuing education options — in-person and on-demand — that help you stay in-the-know and on the leading edge

The best way to learn more about our new, next-level membership option — PECAA Max — is to contact your HEA Solutions Specialist or call 800.959.2020 and press Option 3.

There is no impact to your HEA membership fees or payments. We regularly review our fees to make sure that we are providing value to your business. If changes occur, we will communicate them to you immediately. For specific questions, please call 800.959.2020, Option 3.

Please begin remitting payment to ‘PECAA.’ But don’t worry, payments issued to ‘HEA’ will continue to be accepted.

The entire HEA team remains part of our new organization. As always, you may contact your HEA Solutions Specialist or call 800.959.2020, Option 3, and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Access to your membership information remains the same currently. Click here to access and log into your HEA member portal.

Yes! We encourage you to schedule your complimentary business review to ensure you are taking advantage of all current benefits and to learn how our new PECAA Max program can deliver even greater value to you. Contact your HEA Solutions Specialist directly or call us at 800.959.2020 and press Option 3.